Top New Wave Music of All Time

Rock Lobster

“Rick Lobster”

This song was written by Ricky Wilson and Fred Schneider, both of whom were members of the larger B-52s. The song was released in two distinct versions. The longer version which was included in the debut album of the band was released by the internationally recognized DB Records. The shorter version of the song was produced and released by the well-known DB Records in the year 1978. Since the song was part of the tunes that the band used as signature tunes, it was very instrumental in launching the success of the band.

It is said that Rock Lobster was the first single hit song to be listed on Billboard Hot 100. In this list, the song managed to reach position 56 which was an incredible performance. Being a significant hit in Canada, the song rose to the top in the RPM rank of national singles. The song that followed it in the rank was Private Idaho. Critics received Rock Lobster well and they unanimously placed the song at position 147 as far as Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time was concerned.
The lyrics of the song include ludicrous lines that refer to a beach party as well as thrilling rants referring to real or imaginary marine mammals.

Such lines include, “There comes a sea robin, a dog-fish running from a dog-fish, here comes a narwhal, and there goes a bikini whale.” The lyrics are accompanied by pitched tunes which are relatively higher for the ordinary singer.

[Rock Lobster]

The song is done in C Minor Key while the chorus is partially raised. Some of the instruments that are played in the song are Mosrite electric guitar, drums, and Farfisa Combo Compact organ.

“Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)”

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

This song was played by the Icicle Works, a British band. The song had a title which was reversed as “Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) and it first hit the airwaves in the year 1983. Ian McNabb who was leading the band in singing was the one who wrote the song. Hugh Jones is the brain behind its production.

The song was originally produced as a single in the year 1983 in Britain. At the United Kingdom independent charts, the song was ranked number 2. The next single of the band, Love is a Wonderful Color, was ranked number 15 on the same independent charts of the United Kingdom. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) was given a new lease of life when it was reproduced by the Beggars Banquet Records in the year 1984. The new release had a new B-side and a brand new cover.

Don’t You Want Me

“Don’t You Want Me”

The Human League (a British Synthpop group) released the song in the year 1981. It was the fourth single from the group. The songs were all in the album called Dare of 1981. This is the best song from the band and it has experienced immense commercial success. In the year 1981, the song was ranked as the best Christmas song. It has sold over 1.5 million copies making it to be ranked among the most successful singles in the history of the United Kingdom singles. Moreover, the song stayed at the top of Billboard Hot 100 for a record 21 days. Fast-forward to the year 2015, the song was voted as one of the most favorite songs in Britain. This poll was done by TV Network.

The brain behind the lyrics was none other than Philip Oakey. He thought and recorded the song as a male solo and his main inspiration was the movie A Star is Born.

Before the band released the dare album, they had already done three songs which included Open Your Heart, Love action, and the sound of the crowd. With the three singles already in the market, the chief executive officer of Virgin, Mr. Simon Draper, decided that it was time that Don’t You Want Me became the next big single. Oakey vehemently rejected this arguing that there were other singles in the market which were not doing well. Oakey was of the idea that releasing another single would a recipe for disaster. However, the song was released after agreement and it became an instant hit.

New Wave Music: Once A Rock Music Genre

Many people who were born in the 1970s can relate well with the new wave music genre. It was a real sensation and any concert that played new wave music songs attracted large crowds

“New wave was believed to follow punk rock.”

If a musician wanted to have an emphatic crowd in those years, he or she would definitely need to have some knowhow of new wave music. The late 1970s and early 1980s saw new wave have a new term for the music that was produced by then. New wave was believed to follow punk rock since the new wave genre disguised itself as punk rock. In retrospect, it was clear that the music which followed punk could be divided into two large categories which were named new wave and post-punk.

Post punk genre of music was difficult, arty, and thought-provoking whereas new wave was simple, pure, and pop music.

New wave remained with the fresh stamina of punk music in addition to having fascinating artistic moves, style, and electronics. It is therefore evident that new wave had a lot of diversity to itself and it pulled many people to watch and enjoys.

The very act of having new wave as part of the rock and roll genre made it possible for various other artists to compose songs with a lot of ease.

Rock Pile and Graham Parker were some of the synth rockers as well as Elvis Costello. Other rock bands who preferred new wave genre to be sand as rock music were Squeeze, the Police (who were lovers of pop reggae), the Pretenders (whose main interest was rock and roll), and Madness and Specials. Even though these bands were automatically famous, there were other hits that emerged in the early days of new wave. These groups were mainly credited with producing one-hit songs and they were loved for their diversity. They shared a love of amalgamated production, pop hooks, and an allure of being at the center of attraction.

“It is a definitive genre that came with such huge fame.”

New wave is different from other music movements since it has an array of characteristics that look similar to pop music – a trait that endears it to many people. New wave music is an incorporation of the ancient rock and roll music as well as the ethos that were used in production of rock music.

It is a definitive genre that came with such huge fame and the ability to attract large crowds whenever it was played. Be that as it may, it is note that the healthy relationship between new wave and other genres of music began to become blurry. This was not about to reduce the impact that new wave had as compared to other genres. In the 1990s, new wave began to realize a new level of resurgence after new artists arose who preferred to sing through the use of new wave.

It is said that the term new wave was used by Charles Shaar Murray when he commented about the Boomtown rats. It is also believed that new was the genre that replaced punk. In spite of this developments, new wave and punk were terms that were used in place of each other and no one ever thought that the world of music would survive without the two genres.

John Foxx observed that New York Dolls were the main galvanizers of the scene since they arrived. He further asserts that they proved that galvanizing the musical scene was a possible occurrence since they erased every person who was deemed to be desperate.

[John Foxx]

In the year 1976, a music historian named Vernon Joynson observed that many bands dissociated themselves from punk as new wave genre was entering the scene. From that time onwards, any music that was deemed to be following the garage band, it was named punk while the music that seemed to be largely complex, experimental, and polished in production was named new wave music. Hilly Kristal who owned CBGB is believed to have pioneered new wave in the Television band. Moreover, any other artist who was earlier termed as punk was now being referred to as a new wave artist.

New wave has since gone under intense evolution and it is believed that this will go on. The current generation seems to love rock music but new wave genre is not utterly dead.

History of New Wave Music: Then and Now

New wave music is a well-known category of rock music. It was mainly popular in the 1970s to the early 1980s. The genre was tied to the punk rock music of the 1970s

A remarkable difference of new wave music is that it moved away from the conventional rock and roll rhythms and blues to come up with pop music. The newly developed pop music was an incorporation of experimental music, electronic, disco and mod. New wave was seen to have close ties with punk rock but it later changed and became a standalone distinct genre. As a result of becoming a distinct genre, new wave music engendered fusions and subgenres which included gothic rock, college rock, and synthpop.

“New wave is different from other genres that are tied to the first-wave punk.”

New wave is different from other genres that are tied to the first-wave punk. New wave music has similar characteristics to pop music even though it has maintained the original ethos of punk rock sound. It however displays characteristics that are complex both in lyrics and music. New wave has common characteristics with other genres such as diversity, electronic productions, making use of synthesizers, and significance of styling among others. New wave is certainly a definitive genre of the early 1980s. The genre has enjoyed a huge following from all walks of life and it has continued to evolve more in the contemporary ages so as to benefit even more people. If you do not love the genre today, it will evolve in a way that you will love tomorrow. New wave artists are believed to be so attached to their music that they do not even think of setting up a band. New wave music is said to have borrowed its names from the French New Wave cinema that was shown in the 1950s.

There were many styles that new wave music worked with. Most of the styles were a major sense of humor and insouciance.

The broad spectrum of new wave music was part of the larger B-52 in the United States and was also incorporated in an upcoming music prospect in Athens, Georgia. The B-52 had a dance group that mixed vocal testing like the one of Yoko Ono and harmonies from the girl group. Other harmonies included were the vocals of Deborah Harry, Modern Lovers and Jonathan Richman tunes, and the talking heads and Devo’s avant-grades.

“It was agreed that punk be replaced by new wave.”

New wave catch-all nature has been a major source of controversy and confusion. It had originally been produced under the name punk in the United States. Since the new was seen as delivering little to no sales at all, it was agreed that punk be replaced by new wave. New wave music was however absorbed in the United Kingdom than it was absorbed in the United States. Punk began as a major phenomenon in London as compared to its reception in the United States. Punk was of little or no influence in the United States when it started gaining mileage. It was just a common theme in most of the rock clubs and various discos. After punk paved way for new wave music, the genre was considered as a major cultural event in Britain as well as London.

In order to make it more famous and acceptable across the world, the British music press pioneered a campaign that would see to it that New wave music was promoted. Some of the post-punk acts included the eclipsing of Elastica by Britpop. Moreover, there was Metric, Brainiac, No Doubt, and Six Finger Satellite. In the 1990 decade, trance and Euro disco dance were mainly influenced by some European and British new wave acts which were relatively heavy dance sounds.

In the 2000 decade, there were several acts that emerged which dwelt more on diversity of new wave as well as post-punk mechanisms. Some of the acts of the millennium decade included Interpol, the Bravery, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Strokes. Strokes have won several accolades and nominations as well and they have continued to produce new songs which are adored by their fans. Strokes won the ASCAP College Vanguard Award.

During the presentation of the award, Strokes were hailed for their debut album, Is This It, after it achieved critical and substantial acclaim in the world over and the U.S. ASCAP said it was proud of the songwriting prowess displayed by the young group.

[ASCAP Award]

New wave genre has thus grown in strides and will evolve even more in the coming days.