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I have been following the evolution of music in my own way. I can authoritatively say that music has come from a long way and it is even evolving more. We should expect more to happen in the near future even I give a standing ovation to the current crop of bands and musicians. There is more to hope for and to look forward to especially if the upcoming artists keep up the pace of their predecessors. Having been in the revolution of rock music of the 1980s, I have a few issues to indicate especially based on new wave music.

New wave music was very significant towards the end of the 1970s. The genre included everything that was after the punk movement. Majority of us in those times thought that the movement was a perfect replacement to rock and mainstream pop.

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New Wave is different from other genres that are tied to the first-wave punk. New wave music has similar characteristics to pop music even though it has maintained the original ethos of punk rock sound. It however displays characteristics that are complex both in lyrics and music. New wave has common characteristics with other genres such as diversity, electronic productions, making use of synthesizers, and significance of styling among others. New wave is certainly a definitive genre of the early 1980s. The genre has enjoyed a huge following from all walks of life and it has continued to evolve more in the contemporary ages so as to benefit even more people. If you do not love the genre today, it will evolve in a way that you will love tomorrow. New wave artists are believed to be so attached to their music that they do not even think of setting up a band.

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Perv Mom – this is the thing of 2018 so far. We are in month of March and perverted moms seem to be THE THING.

College Rules – all about good old college times. Watch the real raw footage of college girls and guys have ultimate fun of their lives. Those time won’t ever come back so sit back and enjoy good old time!

XEmpire – all the hottest gonzo-themed fun is available under this network website. If you seek updates from DarkX and HardX – look no further, it’s all here!

The Sitcom Show – what could be a better inspiration for old-school musicians than 80’s and 90’s sitcoms full of genuine fun and jokes. All these characters became our daily-life heroes and we always reminiscence them with a joy!

Haze Him – good old times in boys only dorms. Can you recall what kind of hazing was really going on in there? No? Then take a look immediately and be ready have your jaw drop!

Girls Only Porn – the finest lesbian fantasies presented right on your screen by Nubile Films studio.

DevilTGirls – transgender influence in today’s world. Watch the best transgirls entertainment on the web!

Mom Lover – what possibly could go wrong when you have such dirty moms around. Watch this unique – and brand new – series featuring 8 unique approaches to high quality mom entertainment.


ASGMax – the finest gay content online – now under brand new brand called Alpha Studio Group. Watch your finest kinks and fantasies with a single membership to the portal!

Public Pickups – all about picking up girls in public. Some knowledge is needed but seeing Mofos crew in action you can be sure it’s not rocket science. Watch clueless girls willing to do about anything after little conversation and convincing those guys did!

Smashed XXX – all you wanted to know about bratty step sisters getting a lesson of harsh treatment from their step brothers.

New wave genre influenced many aspects of our lives and the groove lives on! We wanted to showcase you a couple of them. The list below is 100% subjective to our own choice, so watch out with blaming us right away!

Oakey, Catherall, and Sulley have said time and again that they
enjoy performing together. They intend to hold together for longer
than expected. Sulley even says that she does not know what to
do besides doing music.

-The Human League

About Me

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

The Human League

The Human League

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