Punk/New Wave Album Highlights


The alternative rock band named Elastica performed Elastica as their debut song in the studio. The song hit the airwaves through the famous Deceptive Records in the year 1995. AS soon as it was released, elastica was nominated to be one of the songs to contest for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. This is an award that is given to the best album which is produced in Ireland and the United States. The award was established to be an alternative to the well-known Brit Awards. The award was a brain child of British Association of Record Dealers and British Phonographic industry in the year 1992.

Elastica was voted as the best on the UK Albums Chart, and it became one of the best songs that sold ever since the production of Definitely Maybe which was done by Oasis Band. When placed on Billboard 200, the song did well since it was ranked at position 66 and was given a certification of gold. It was received well across the nation and internationally as well.

All Music Guide said that elastica is an intoxicating record. This is not only in the way they play 16 songs in a record 40 minutes but also in the manner that they are almost near every other classic production. This certainly makes the band melodic and consistent.

[Elastica album]

BBC Music believes that elastica is not one of those albums that ranks high on the debut and sink later. The band is a rare gem that has hit the music industry with a bang. It is certainly one of the best new wave debut classics.

The same album was ranked as number 9 in Select’s ranking of fifty albums of every year. Later in the same year, the album was rated as position 4 meaning that it shot up. Other magazines that ranked the debut album as one of the best were The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and the Los Angeles Times. Most of the tracks that elastica produced were written by the ever charming and intelligent Justine Frisch Mann.

Interpol – Turn on the bright lights

Interpol was an American rock band. The band released Turn on the Bright Lights as its debut album in the studio. The album was produced in the year 2002 at Tarquin Studios located in Connecticut. It was mixed, co-produced, engineered, and mixed by Gareth Jones and Peter Katis. The album first hit the airwaves under the autonomous record brand Matador Records. As soon as it was released, the album was ranked at an all-time high of 101 in the Album Chart of the United Kingdom. It is on record to have reached position 158 in the Billboard 200 of the United States. Moreover, it spent a record 73 weeks in the list of Billboard Independent Albums, and it finished at top 5. Some of the singles that were in the debut album were Say Hello to the Angels, Obstacle 1, NYC, and PDA. Each of these had their videos apart from ‘Say Hello to the Angels’.

Turn on the Bright Lights album was given a certification of gold by RIAA in the year 2011. This was due to the sole reason of shipping over 500,000 copies.

In order to commemorate the tenth anniversary, the album was reproduced and a new version was released in the year 2012. Some of the additional material in the new version were new tracks and other bonus songs of international standards.

The Interpol band is scheduled to hold a tour of meeting their fans so as to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the song as they play the album back to front.