New Wave Bands – What Happened To The Stars Of The Golden Era?

The new wave was one of the significant, unique genres of music which is quite different from other genres of music. Though the new wave is unique, it shares some characteristics like diversity, electronic productions, stylings with other genres of music, the wave music has attracted so many people. The new wave music impacted the entire entertainment industry to a great extent. Many people belonging to the era of the 1970s can very well relate well with the characteristics of the new wave music. The tunes, lyrics of the new wave bands attract people who are interested in knowing the various aspects of music.


The Style Of New Wave Band Music

There has been plenty of wave music bands hits which brought a great new flavor to the music entertainment industry. There were many wave music bands in the early ’80s that had their own style of music, lyrics. Some of the creators of the new wave bands in the early ‘80s include Duran Duran, The Cure, INXS, The Smiths. These new wave bands were very popular during the ‘80s and can easily be considered as the new wave band start albums of the golden era. It is very important that people don’t forget the golden era of the new wave music, the new wave music band stars.


Popular Wave Band In The Early 70s And 80s

Members of Duran Duran are, from left: Simon Le Bon (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Andy Taylor (guitar), Nick Rhodes (keyboards), Rodger Taylor (drums)

The new wave band, Duran Duran contributed to the new wave band music big time in the period of ’80s. This band was based in England and the musicians in the Duran band included the great Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Andy Taylor as well as Roger Taylor. They were one of the very first new wave band music to become popular all over the world. The best part of this band is that they are known for offering excellent custom-made packages and was one of the very first bands to gain worldwide stardom. The fact is that in recent years, there is not much clue over the existence of the band and its members. It’s a must that people who love wave music must listen to the Duran Duran brand of music.


The Cure

Another very significantly popular wave music band belonging to the period of the 1970s was ‘The Cure’. This wave music band was started by the lead named Robert Smith in the England country. The significant characteristics of ‘The Cure’ band is that there was a lot of focus on dark music and also the melodic wave music. These were the genres that were focused initially by ‘The Cure’ wave music band. As years progressed, ‘The Cure’ band started to switch to the depressing lyrics and that attracted a wider range of audiences from all parts of the world. Some of their top albums include Close to Me, In Between Days, Boys Don; t Cry and the Caterpillar. People who love to listen to some wave music with a depressive tune must listen to the music of this band.


the smiths

The Smiths

‘The Smiths’ was one another popular wave music band that attracted a lot of music lovers. The best part of this wave music band was that there was an extensive focus on the lyrics, and this made them attract people of different ages especially the ones who value the lyrics in a song. One of their best albums is ‘The Smiths’ which helps their wave music band gain commercial success in the England country. This wave music band turned out to be a brilliant college sensation in the early ’80s in the United States. Some of their famous song albums that helped them gain attraction include The Charming Man, Ask, Cemetery Gates. These albums are a must to listen as the lyrics involved in these songs have a lot of meaning.

New Wave of Porn: Sis Loves Me

Step sister porn has been around for a few years only but it made as huge impact as the whole new wave genre in music. When it comes to step siblings playthings you need to be aware of its fantasy factor. Sis Loves Me is a perfect example of materialising the very best when it comes to step sisters. They are silly, they get convinced pretty quickly and they actually love to have sex.

Sis Loves Me

The new wave music has been more about the attitude and enthusiasm that prevails through the music tunes. The waveband starts of the golden era and their albums are always to be remembered and listened to. Now the wave music bands have switched in style to a music style that gives a lot of importance to humor. There are some very popular new wave artists in the New wave band music that is still in force and makes the people all over the world listen to and feel happy.

New Wave Artists In Contemporary Times

New Wave artists are very much still around.

Because they made some of the best music in history, New Wave artists are very much still around.

The bands that have disbanded have recycled their members and got songs covered by other artists.

The bands that are still playing today are in a great shape and making better music than ever.

Let me take you on a little tour through what are my favorite New Wave artists doing at the current time.

Popular New Wave Artists Still Playing

The popular artists in the New Wave era that are still playing are in great shape.

Also, there has been a revival on the style of music that fosters the appearance of really great new bands taking the style to a new great place.

Duran Duran

Duran Duran

Duran Duran is arguably one of the most recognizable bands of the era and also one of the most talented ones music has ever given us.

The good news about Duran Duran is that they are coming out on another tour for this year to present their brand new album called “Paper Gods” Just by listening “Pressure Off” which is the main single, I knew right away it was on its way to the charts.

They invited legend Nile Rodgers (who got another wave of fame after breaking all the molds with Chic because of his work with Daft Punk on “Random Access Memories”) and singer Janelle Monáe.

It is such a great song that is completely up to the height of what they were doing back in the day. I can´t wait for the album to come out officially!

Pure Taboo – An Inspiration

Pure Taboo - Home of Forbidden Fruits

A true inspirational material over here. Pure Taboo clearly focuses on forbidden (by society!) fantasies. And while many of them can be awkward they are all just an inspiration for some of the best new wave hits. If you ever wondered what could be the freakiest fantasy of a man then Pure Taboo has all the answers – in form of HD videos that you are free to watch!

The Cure

First and foremost, they are going to be headlining the Glastonbury Festival!

Another huge band that is coming out on tour this year and with an amazing new record is The Cure. First and foremost, they are going to be headlining the Glastonbury Festival!

They have the status of a huge band and they deserve to close one of the biggest festivals in the world. Last time I saw them play live, the gig was on for three hours and their repertoire could continue for another three more.

You just can´t get tired of the best band in the world, can you?

Besides being introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Robert Smith said he was working on a record that is obscure and dense. The moment I heard that news out of BBC6 my heart started beating faster and faster.

According to the little information he revealed, the record might be hitting the stores in January of 2020. What a great moment to be alive!


New Wave music is alive and kicking. The biggest bands of the 80s are still putting out amazing music and touring the world and seems that youngsters are echoing on their talent.

I love listening to people like Tame Impala and The Killers taking on the same sound and stage presence my heroes were as I was growing up. Hope to come across you at The Cure´s stellar appearance in Glastonbury!

New Wave Was The Real Wave

Pinning down what truly constituted the 80s new wave music is as easy as plucking a guitar string. We think that the rebellious nature and the 80s new wave hits evolved from bands like Duran Duran, The Cure, INXS, Devo and more. In our opinion, “new wave” changed the music scene forever which was attributed to these experimental, as well as revolutionary icons of rock music.

We can see the way this music genre was able to give us many enigmatic bands. According to us, what can be cited to be among the most fascinating aspects of this music genre was its level of open-mindedness when it came to style. It is because of this that it had contributions from an expansive range of groups as new wave music was not confined to a particular musical homogeneity.

Rise of Brother Crush

Brother Crush - From New Wave To Today!

Brother Crush – From New Wave To Today!

New Wave impacted not only the music style of the era, but the entertainment industry as a whole. Times were great for many people and good times certainly affected LGBT communities, because they came up with idea of launching project called Brother Crush – where step family relations of brothers are taken to the new level, very taboo one. It wasn’t easy to promote such content in the old days, but guess what? With Internet we are proud to say that today’s interpretation of Brother Crush is going to be launched in new form – of gay videos!

As mentioned in Lexicon Magazine, the characteristics of New Wave with other genres when it comes to diversity, use of synthesizers, electronic productions among others.

You can also agree with us that what was the most important aspect of this genre of New Wave was not only the lack of strictness to specific rules in songwriting but rather the unrelenting attitude and strong spirit that yielded what we think was a combination of both punk and pop riddled with a sheen of slick production coupled with a whole lot of thought-provoking sounds and lyrics that was not typically of the 80’s music scene.

We would be lying to you if we say the new wave era can be defined by one best band or song, but among them is definitely Buggles’ hit track ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ which was the first video to be broadcasted on MTV in 1981. We believe that this is what set the stage for the hostile takeover of the 80s television by new wave music. With this said, let us take you for a small walk further down memory lane and look at what we believe to be the top bands that helped in defining the 80’s New Wave music genre.

There is Duran Duran, a band we believe that to have basically been impossible to have lived through the 80’s without having grooved to at least one of their song. The 80s had some highly commercialized, often televised new wave songs such as their hit single “Hungry Like the Wolf” which is often considered to be the greatest New Wave song to have been recorded.

There were some New Wave bands that took the unconventional and sometimes murky path towards fame and fortune such as The Cure who we believe were the Genesis of Goth, as it is. This is because their musical focus was originally centered on dark and deep melodic sound which got to be known as Goth genre. And from where we stand we think that this was best seen with their hit singles like The Cure “Just Like Heaven” as well as The Cure “Why Can’t I Be You?”

The New Wave genre was also felt very deeply in Australia thanks to the band INXS. They best captured new wave’s blend of rock and pop sensibilities recording hit track INXS “Original Sin” which is considered by some as the greatest New Wave song.

You will agree with us that 80s new wave genre had bands and songs that can only be said to have been plain weird. Devo band and their songs best exemplifies this. This can best be seen in hit track Devo “Whip It,” which we think was their greatest New Wave song. Aside from that, their out of the world costumes still grace Halloween costumes such as “power dome” hats.

There may be debates about which track was the best or which band reigned supreme but what can’t be debated is the fact that the 80s new wave forever changed the music scene…

New Wave Music Hits From The 80’s

The term new wave is not that easy to pin down as it includes numerous artists from late 70s and early 80s. Later it started becoming a bit different from the mainstream, with a post-punk which was edgier and had more attitudes. The 80s new wave songs list includes some of the incredible hits which were anti-social but with great music and lyrics.

The new wave music included many influential bands of those times and a wide range of bands contributed to the genre. It was also an influence for lots of future projects, like the one that has been just launched in the end of 2017 – called YoungPerps, where young guys acting like old-school punks try their luck stealing objects from certain shops. Of course it won’t work, but their rock’n’roll approach to life will punish them pretty soon after being caught.

New wave music was all about attitude and an enthusiastic spirit which amalgamated both punk and pop with a planned production, striking and influential lyrics which was quite a common thing in 80’s playlist. While we are digging deep into new wave hits, it is impossible that we miss the creators of some of the amazing songs which were ruling the hearts of the audience in 80’s.

Duran Duran

The 80’s would have been incomplete without grooving to Duran Duran’s songs. They were based in England, and started gaining popularity in 1981 after working throughout the late 70’s on their brand image. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor were the members of this band.  They managed to make custom-made packages for the video age, and then became the first band to gain stardom.

Top 5 song list/ albums: – The View to a Kill, Save a Prayer & the Chauffer, Girls on Film, Rio and Come Undone.

The Cure

Another popular band was “The Cure” which was started by band’s lead Robert Smith in England in the year 1976.

The Cure mainly focused on a dark as well as melodic sound which defined the band as the Goth genre.Later they switched from depressing lyrics 80s new wave song in 1982, to reach a wider audience.

Top 5 song list/ albums: – Close to Me, In Between Days, Fascination Street, BoysDon’t Cry and the Caterpillar.


INXS spent the early part of the 80’s consistently touring and releasing albums particularly for the Australian audience.

“The One Thing” which was released in 1982 was successful and it convinced many record companies to release all their further masterpieces.

Top 5 song list/ albums: – New Sensation, Devil Inside, Original Sin, Burn for You and The Loved One

The Smiths

The Smiths were active in the year 1982 to1987, and this was enough for this talented and creatively inclined band. They were largely lyrics-driven, and this made them a part of new-wave. They gained commercial success mainly in their native land, England with an album, “The Smiths”, which ranked second. This band was truly a college sensation in those days in the US, even though they never toured in this country unlike other new wave bands.

Top 5 song list/ albums: – The Charming Man, Half a Person, Ask, Cemetery Gates and Well I Wonder.

Top New Wave Music of All Time

Rock Lobster

“Rick Lobster”

This song was written by Ricky Wilson and Fred Schneider, both of whom were members of the larger B-52s. The song was released in two distinct versions. The longer version which was included in the debut album of the band was released by the internationally recognized DB Records. The shorter version of the song was produced and released by the well-known DB Records in the year 1978. Since the song was part of the tunes that the band used as signature tunes, it was very instrumental in launching the success of the band.

It is said that Rock Lobster was the first single hit song to be listed on Billboard Hot 100. In this list, the song managed to reach position 56 which was an incredible performance. Being a significant hit in Canada, the song rose to the top in the RPM rank of national singles. The song that followed it in the rank was Private Idaho. Critics received Rock Lobster well and they unanimously placed the song at position 147 as far as Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time was concerned.
The lyrics of the song include ludicrous lines that refer to a beach party as well as thrilling rants referring to real or imaginary marine mammals.

Such lines include, “There comes a sea robin, a dog-fish running from a dog-fish, here comes a narwhal, and there goes a bikini whale.” The lyrics are accompanied by pitched tunes which are relatively higher for the ordinary singer.

[Rock Lobster]

The song is done in C Minor Key while the chorus is partially raised. Some of the instruments that are played in the song are Mosrite electric guitar, drums, and Farfisa Combo Compact organ.

“Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)”

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

This song was played by the Icicle Works, a British band. The song had a title which was reversed as “Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) and it first hit the airwaves in the year 1983. Ian McNabb who was leading the band in singing was the one who wrote the song. Hugh Jones is the brain behind its production.

The song was originally produced as a single in the year 1983 in Britain. At the United Kingdom independent charts, the song was ranked number 2. The next single of the band, Love is a Wonderful Color, was ranked number 15 on the same independent charts of the United Kingdom. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) was given a new lease of life when it was reproduced by the Beggars Banquet Records in the year 1984. The new release had a new B-side and a brand new cover.

Don’t You Want Me

“Don’t You Want Me”

The Human League (a British Synthpop group) released the song in the year 1981. It was the fourth single from the group. The songs were all in the album called Dare of 1981. This is the best song from the band and it has experienced immense commercial success. In the year 1981, the song was ranked as the best Christmas song. It has sold over 1.5 million copies making it to be ranked among the most successful singles in the history of the United Kingdom singles. Moreover, the song stayed at the top of Billboard Hot 100 for a record 21 days. Fast-forward to the year 2015, the song was voted as one of the most favorite songs in Britain. This poll was done by TV Network.

The brain behind the lyrics was none other than Philip Oakey. He thought and recorded the song as a male solo and his main inspiration was the movie A Star is Born.

Before the band released the dare album, they had already done three songs which included Open Your Heart, Love action, and the sound of the crowd. With the three singles already in the market, the chief executive officer of Virgin, Mr. Simon Draper, decided that it was time that Don’t You Want Me became the next big single. Oakey vehemently rejected this arguing that there were other singles in the market which were not doing well. Oakey was of the idea that releasing another single would a recipe for disaster. However, the song was released after agreement and it became an instant hit.

Popular Music Genres of 70s/80s Every Music Lover Must Know

The world has witnessed hundreds of music genres and new subgenres are cropping up every now and then. Some of these subgenres last for a few months before they eventually become obsolete. You cannot exhaust the genres of music that the world has witnessed not unless you are a writer of music or you have countless free minutes in your schedule. It is impossible to keep up with the pace of the genres since not all of them will be of interest to you. You are likely to know the ones that relate to your music comfort zone. This is the reason behind putting up a list of some of the popular genres. The list may not be comprehensive but it gives a fair view of how music has evolved over the years through an array of genres.

1. Pub Rock

“Ian Dury”

This genre was short-lived but it made an unforgettable impact giving it a place in the hearts of rock lovers. In case you are a starter, the genre was a significant predecessor of the original punk that was produced in the United Kingdom. A number of the famous players of punk rock later became the names to beat in the new version.

Some of them included Ian Dury who played Kilburn and the High Roads and Joe Strummer who played 101’ers.

Even though the genre was later swept away by famous songs such as Do Anything You Want to do and Eddie & the Hot Rods, the genre should not be forgotten.

2. Lovers Rock

“Gregory Isaacs”

Apocryphal musical history will tell you that the Jamaican summer heat was the developer of the rock steady development. Revelers found the dancehalls in Kingston to be too hot and they could not keep up with the tempo of the ska rhythms. As a result of this, the bands agreed to reduce the tempo of the songs so as to keep the revelers as well as ensure that the nights were longer. The late 1970s witnessed a change since reggae was introduced into the system. There were additional romantic lovers of rock. If we say that reggae is the progeny of Rastafarianism, lover rock is certainly is the sibling of reggae. It has smooth R&B rhythms and the lyrics are obsessed with love. Some of the famous artists who have performed renowned tracks of Lovers Rock include Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Dobby Dobson, Freddie McGregor, and Beres Hammond.

3. PC Music

It is difficult to understand where PC Music begins and where it culminates. The PC Music label is based in London and A.G.

Cook is the brain behind the label. Some of the famous personalities who are credited with performing famous songs of the genre are Kane West, SOPHIE, Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, and QT.

The sound of the music is surreally poppy. It is overcrowded with various samples while the vocals are unnecessarily high having some absurd melodies. The music certainly feels plastic and the fans find it hard to keep up with the melody.

Punk/New Wave Album Highlights


The alternative rock band named Elastica performed Elastica as their debut song in the studio. The song hit the airwaves through the famous Deceptive Records in the year 1995. AS soon as it was released, elastica was nominated to be one of the songs to contest for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. This is an award that is given to the best album which is produced in Ireland and the United States. The award was established to be an alternative to the well-known Brit Awards. The award was a brain child of British Association of Record Dealers and British Phonographic industry in the year 1992.

Elastica was voted as the best on the UK Albums Chart, and it became one of the best songs that sold ever since the production of Definitely Maybe which was done by Oasis Band. When placed on Billboard 200, the song did well since it was ranked at position 66 and was given a certification of gold. It was received well across the nation and internationally as well.

All Music Guide said that elastica is an intoxicating record. This is not only in the way they play 16 songs in a record 40 minutes but also in the manner that they are almost near every other classic production. This certainly makes the band melodic and consistent.

[Elastica album]

BBC Music believes that elastica is not one of those albums that ranks high on the debut and sink later. The band is a rare gem that has hit the music industry with a bang. It is certainly one of the best new wave debut classics.

The same album was ranked as number 9 in Select’s ranking of fifty albums of every year. Later in the same year, the album was rated as position 4 meaning that it shot up. Other magazines that ranked the debut album as one of the best were The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and the Los Angeles Times. Most of the tracks that elastica produced were written by the ever charming and intelligent Justine Frisch Mann.

Interpol – Turn on the bright lights

Interpol was an American rock band. The band released Turn on the Bright Lights as its debut album in the studio. The album was produced in the year 2002 at Tarquin Studios located in Connecticut. It was mixed, co-produced, engineered, and mixed by Gareth Jones and Peter Katis. The album first hit the airwaves under the autonomous record brand Matador Records. As soon as it was released, the album was ranked at an all-time high of 101 in the Album Chart of the United Kingdom. It is on record to have reached position 158 in the Billboard 200 of the United States. Moreover, it spent a record 73 weeks in the list of Billboard Independent Albums, and it finished at top 5. Some of the singles that were in the debut album were Say Hello to the Angels, Obstacle 1, NYC, and PDA. Each of these had their videos apart from ‘Say Hello to the Angels’.

Turn on the Bright Lights album was given a certification of gold by RIAA in the year 2011. This was due to the sole reason of shipping over 500,000 copies.

In order to commemorate the tenth anniversary, the album was reproduced and a new version was released in the year 2012. Some of the additional material in the new version were new tracks and other bonus songs of international standards.

The Interpol band is scheduled to hold a tour of meeting their fans so as to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the song as they play the album back to front.