Top New Wave Music of All Time

Rock Lobster

“Rick Lobster”

This song was written by Ricky Wilson and Fred Schneider, both of whom were members of the larger B-52s. The song was released in two distinct versions. The longer version which was included in the debut album of the band was released by the internationally recognized DB Records. The shorter version of the song was produced and released by the well-known DB Records in the year 1978. Since the song was part of the tunes that the band used as signature tunes, it was very instrumental in launching the success of the band.

It is said that Rock Lobster was the first single hit song to be listed on Billboard Hot 100. In this list, the song managed to reach position 56 which was an incredible performance. Being a significant hit in Canada, the song rose to the top in the RPM rank of national singles. The song that followed it in the rank was Private Idaho. Critics received Rock Lobster well and they unanimously placed the song at position 147 as far as Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time was concerned.
The lyrics of the song include ludicrous lines that refer to a beach party as well as thrilling rants referring to real or imaginary marine mammals.

Such lines include, “There comes a sea robin, a dog-fish running from a dog-fish, here comes a narwhal, and there goes a bikini whale.” The lyrics are accompanied by pitched tunes which are relatively higher for the ordinary singer.

[Rock Lobster]

The song is done in C Minor Key while the chorus is partially raised. Some of the instruments that are played in the song are Mosrite electric guitar, drums, and Farfisa Combo Compact organ.

“Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)”

Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)

This song was played by the Icicle Works, a British band. The song had a title which was reversed as “Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) and it first hit the airwaves in the year 1983. Ian McNabb who was leading the band in singing was the one who wrote the song. Hugh Jones is the brain behind its production.

The song was originally produced as a single in the year 1983 in Britain. At the United Kingdom independent charts, the song was ranked number 2. The next single of the band, Love is a Wonderful Color, was ranked number 15 on the same independent charts of the United Kingdom. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) was given a new lease of life when it was reproduced by the Beggars Banquet Records in the year 1984. The new release had a new B-side and a brand new cover.

Don’t You Want Me

“Don’t You Want Me”

The Human League (a British Synthpop group) released the song in the year 1981. It was the fourth single from the group. The songs were all in the album called Dare of 1981. This is the best song from the band and it has experienced immense commercial success. In the year 1981, the song was ranked as the best Christmas song. It has sold over 1.5 million copies making it to be ranked among the most successful singles in the history of the United Kingdom singles. Moreover, the song stayed at the top of Billboard Hot 100 for a record 21 days. Fast-forward to the year 2015, the song was voted as one of the most favorite songs in Britain. This poll was done by TV Network.

The brain behind the lyrics was none other than Philip Oakey. He thought and recorded the song as a male solo and his main inspiration was the movie A Star is Born.

Before the band released the dare album, they had already done three songs which included Open Your Heart, Love action, and the sound of the crowd. With the three singles already in the market, the chief executive officer of Virgin, Mr. Simon Draper, decided that it was time that Don’t You Want Me became the next big single. Oakey vehemently rejected this arguing that there were other singles in the market which were not doing well. Oakey was of the idea that releasing another single would a recipe for disaster. However, the song was released after agreement and it became an instant hit.