New Wave Artists In Contemporary Times

New Wave artists are very much still around.

Because they made some of the best music in history, New Wave artists are very much still around.

The bands that have disbanded have recycled their members and got songs covered by other artists.

The bands that are still playing today are in a great shape and making better music than ever.

Let me take you on a little tour through what are my favorite New Wave artists doing at the current time.

Popular New Wave Artists Still Playing

The popular artists in the New Wave era that are still playing are in great shape.

Also, there has been a revival on the style of music that fosters the appearance of really great new bands taking the style to a new great place.

Duran Duran

Duran Duran

Duran Duran is arguably one of the most recognizable bands of the era and also one of the most talented ones music has ever given us.

The good news about Duran Duran is that they are coming out on another tour for this year to present their brand new album called “Paper Gods” Just by listening “Pressure Off” which is the main single, I knew right away it was on its way to the charts.

They invited legend Nile Rodgers (who got another wave of fame after breaking all the molds with Chic because of his work with Daft Punk on “Random Access Memories”) and singer Janelle Monáe.

It is such a great song that is completely up to the height of what they were doing back in the day. I can´t wait for the album to come out officially!

Pure Taboo – An Inspiration

Pure Taboo - Home of Forbidden Fruits

A true inspirational material over here. Pure Taboo clearly focuses on forbidden (by society!) fantasies. And while many of them can be awkward they are all just an inspiration for some of the best new wave hits. If you ever wondered what could be the freakiest fantasy of a man then Pure Taboo has all the answers – in form of HD videos that you are free to watch!

The Cure

First and foremost, they are going to be headlining the Glastonbury Festival!

Another huge band that is coming out on tour this year and with an amazing new record is The Cure. First and foremost, they are going to be headlining the Glastonbury Festival!

They have the status of a huge band and they deserve to close one of the biggest festivals in the world. Last time I saw them play live, the gig was on for three hours and their repertoire could continue for another three more.

You just can´t get tired of the best band in the world, can you?

Besides being introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Robert Smith said he was working on a record that is obscure and dense. The moment I heard that news out of BBC6 my heart started beating faster and faster.

According to the little information he revealed, the record might be hitting the stores in January of 2020. What a great moment to be alive!


New Wave music is alive and kicking. The biggest bands of the 80s are still putting out amazing music and touring the world and seems that youngsters are echoing on their talent.

I love listening to people like Tame Impala and The Killers taking on the same sound and stage presence my heroes were as I was growing up. Hope to come across you at The Cure´s stellar appearance in Glastonbury!