New Wave Bands – What Happened To The Stars Of The Golden Era?

The new wave was one of the significant, unique genres of music which is quite different from other genres of music. Though the new wave is unique, it shares some characteristics like diversity, electronic productions, stylings with other genres of music, the wave music has attracted so many people. The new wave music impacted the entire entertainment industry to a great extent. Many people belonging to the era of the 1970s can very well relate well with the characteristics of the new wave music. The tunes, lyrics of the new wave bands attract people who are interested in knowing the various aspects of music.


The Style Of New Wave Band Music

There has been plenty of wave music bands hits which brought a great new flavor to the music entertainment industry. There were many wave music bands in the early ’80s that had their own style of music, lyrics. Some of the creators of the new wave bands in the early ‘80s include Duran Duran, The Cure, INXS, The Smiths. These new wave bands were very popular during the ‘80s and can easily be considered as the new wave band start albums of the golden era. It is very important that people don’t forget the golden era of the new wave music, the new wave music band stars.


Popular Wave Band In The Early 70s And 80s

Members of Duran Duran are, from left: Simon Le Bon (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Andy Taylor (guitar), Nick Rhodes (keyboards), Rodger Taylor (drums)

The new wave band, Duran Duran contributed to the new wave band music big time in the period of ’80s. This band was based in England and the musicians in the Duran band included the great Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Andy Taylor as well as Roger Taylor. They were one of the very first new wave band music to become popular all over the world. The best part of this band is that they are known for offering excellent custom-made packages and was one of the very first bands to gain worldwide stardom. The fact is that in recent years, there is not much clue over the existence of the band and its members. It’s a must that people who love wave music must listen to the Duran Duran brand of music.


The Cure

Another very significantly popular wave music band belonging to the period of the 1970s was ‘The Cure’. This wave music band was started by the lead named Robert Smith in the England country. The significant characteristics of ‘The Cure’ band is that there was a lot of focus on dark music and also the melodic wave music. These were the genres that were focused initially by ‘The Cure’ wave music band. As years progressed, ‘The Cure’ band started to switch to the depressing lyrics and that attracted a wider range of audiences from all parts of the world. Some of their top albums include Close to Me, In Between Days, Boys Don; t Cry and the Caterpillar. People who love to listen to some wave music with a depressive tune must listen to the music of this band.


the smiths

The Smiths

‘The Smiths’ was one another popular wave music band that attracted a lot of music lovers. The best part of this wave music band was that there was an extensive focus on the lyrics, and this made them attract people of different ages especially the ones who value the lyrics in a song. One of their best albums is ‘The Smiths’ which helps their wave music band gain commercial success in the England country. This wave music band turned out to be a brilliant college sensation in the early ’80s in the United States. Some of their famous song albums that helped them gain attraction include The Charming Man, Ask, Cemetery Gates. These albums are a must to listen as the lyrics involved in these songs have a lot of meaning.

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The new wave music has been more about the attitude and enthusiasm that prevails through the music tunes. The waveband starts of the golden era and their albums are always to be remembered and listened to. Now the wave music bands have switched in style to a music style that gives a lot of importance to humor. There are some very popular new wave artists in the New wave band music that is still in force and makes the people all over the world listen to and feel happy.