Popular Music Genres of 70s/80s Every Music Lover Must Know

The world has witnessed hundreds of music genres and new subgenres are cropping up every now and then. Some of these subgenres last for a few months before they eventually become obsolete. You cannot exhaust the genres of music that the world has witnessed not unless you are a writer of music or you have countless free minutes in your schedule. It is impossible to keep up with the pace of the genres since not all of them will be of interest to you. You are likely to know the ones that relate to your music comfort zone. This is the reason behind putting up a list of some of the popular genres. The list may not be comprehensive but it gives a fair view of how music has evolved over the years through an array of genres.

1. Pub Rock

“Ian Dury”

This genre was short-lived but it made an unforgettable impact giving it a place in the hearts of rock lovers. In case you are a starter, the genre was a significant predecessor of the original punk that was produced in the United Kingdom. A number of the famous players of punk rock later became the names to beat in the new version.

Some of them included Ian Dury who played Kilburn and the High Roads and Joe Strummer who played 101’ers.

Even though the genre was later swept away by famous songs such as Do Anything You Want to do and Eddie & the Hot Rods, the genre should not be forgotten.

2. Lovers Rock

“Gregory Isaacs”

Apocryphal musical history will tell you that the Jamaican summer heat was the developer of the rock steady development. Revelers found the dancehalls in Kingston to be too hot and they could not keep up with the tempo of the ska rhythms. As a result of this, the bands agreed to reduce the tempo of the songs so as to keep the revelers as well as ensure that the nights were longer. The late 1970s witnessed a change since reggae was introduced into the system. There were additional romantic lovers of rock. If we say that reggae is the progeny of Rastafarianism, lover rock is certainly is the sibling of reggae. It has smooth R&B rhythms and the lyrics are obsessed with love. Some of the famous artists who have performed renowned tracks of Lovers Rock include Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Dobby Dobson, Freddie McGregor, and Beres Hammond.

3. PC Music

It is difficult to understand where PC Music begins and where it culminates. The PC Music label is based in London and A.G.

Cook is the brain behind the label. Some of the famous personalities who are credited with performing famous songs of the genre are Kane West, SOPHIE, Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, and QT.

The sound of the music is surreally poppy. It is overcrowded with various samples while the vocals are unnecessarily high having some absurd melodies. The music certainly feels plastic and the fans find it hard to keep up with the melody.