New Wave Was The Real Wave

Pinning down what truly constituted the 80s new wave music is as easy as plucking a guitar string. We think that the rebellious nature and the 80s new wave hits evolved from bands like Duran Duran, The Cure, INXS, Devo and more. In our opinion, “new wave” changed the music scene forever which was attributed to these experimental, as well as revolutionary icons of rock music.

We can see the way this music genre was able to give us many enigmatic bands. According to us, what can be cited to be among the most fascinating aspects of this music genre was its level of open-mindedness when it came to style. It is because of this that it had contributions from an expansive range of groups as new wave music was not confined to a particular musical homogeneity.

Rise of Brother Crush

Brother Crush - From New Wave To Today!

Brother Crush – From New Wave To Today!

New Wave impacted not only the music style of the era, but the entertainment industry as a whole. Times were great for many people and good times certainly affected LGBT communities, because they came up with idea of launching project called Brother Crush – where step family relations of brothers are taken to the new level, very taboo one. It wasn’t easy to promote such content in the old days, but guess what? With Internet we are proud to say that today’s interpretation of Brother Crush is going to be launched in new form – of gay videos!

As mentioned in Lexicon Magazine, the characteristics of New Wave with other genres when it comes to diversity, use of synthesizers, electronic productions among others.

You can also agree with us that what was the most important aspect of this genre of New Wave was not only the lack of strictness to specific rules in songwriting but rather the unrelenting attitude and strong spirit that yielded what we think was a combination of both punk and pop riddled with a sheen of slick production coupled with a whole lot of thought-provoking sounds and lyrics that was not typically of the 80’s music scene.

We would be lying to you if we say the new wave era can be defined by one best band or song, but among them is definitely Buggles’ hit track ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ which was the first video to be broadcasted on MTV in 1981. We believe that this is what set the stage for the hostile takeover of the 80s television by new wave music. With this said, let us take you for a small walk further down memory lane and look at what we believe to be the top bands that helped in defining the 80’s New Wave music genre.

There is Duran Duran, a band we believe that to have basically been impossible to have lived through the 80’s without having grooved to at least one of their song. The 80s had some highly commercialized, often televised new wave songs such as their hit single “Hungry Like the Wolf” which is often considered to be the greatest New Wave song to have been recorded.

There were some New Wave bands that took the unconventional and sometimes murky path towards fame and fortune such as The Cure who we believe were the Genesis of Goth, as it is. This is because their musical focus was originally centered on dark and deep melodic sound which got to be known as Goth genre. And from where we stand we think that this was best seen with their hit singles like The Cure “Just Like Heaven” as well as The Cure “Why Can’t I Be You?”

The New Wave genre was also felt very deeply in Australia thanks to the band INXS. They best captured new wave’s blend of rock and pop sensibilities recording hit track INXS “Original Sin” which is considered by some as the greatest New Wave song.

You will agree with us that 80s new wave genre had bands and songs that can only be said to have been plain weird. Devo band and their songs best exemplifies this. This can best be seen in hit track Devo “Whip It,” which we think was their greatest New Wave song. Aside from that, their out of the world costumes still grace Halloween costumes such as “power dome” hats.

There may be debates about which track was the best or which band reigned supreme but what can’t be debated is the fact that the 80s new wave forever changed the music scene…

New Wave Music: Once A Rock Music Genre

Many people who were born in the 1970s can relate well with the new wave music genre. It was a real sensation and any concert that played new wave music songs attracted large crowds

“New wave was believed to follow punk rock.”

If a musician wanted to have an emphatic crowd in those years, he or she would definitely need to have some knowhow of new wave music. The late 1970s and early 1980s saw new wave have a new term for the music that was produced by then. New wave was believed to follow punk rock since the new wave genre disguised itself as punk rock. In retrospect, it was clear that the music which followed punk could be divided into two large categories which were named new wave and post-punk.

Post punk genre of music was difficult, arty, and thought-provoking whereas new wave was simple, pure, and pop music.

New wave remained with the fresh stamina of punk music in addition to having fascinating artistic moves, style, and electronics. It is therefore evident that new wave had a lot of diversity to itself and it pulled many people to watch and enjoys.

The very act of having new wave as part of the rock and roll genre made it possible for various other artists to compose songs with a lot of ease.

Rock Pile and Graham Parker were some of the synth rockers as well as Elvis Costello. Other rock bands who preferred new wave genre to be sand as rock music were Squeeze, the Police (who were lovers of pop reggae), the Pretenders (whose main interest was rock and roll), and Madness and Specials. Even though these bands were automatically famous, there were other hits that emerged in the early days of new wave. These groups were mainly credited with producing one-hit songs and they were loved for their diversity. They shared a love of amalgamated production, pop hooks, and an allure of being at the center of attraction.

“It is a definitive genre that came with such huge fame.”

New wave is different from other music movements since it has an array of characteristics that look similar to pop music – a trait that endears it to many people. New wave music is an incorporation of the ancient rock and roll music as well as the ethos that were used in production of rock music.

It is a definitive genre that came with such huge fame and the ability to attract large crowds whenever it was played. Be that as it may, it is note that the healthy relationship between new wave and other genres of music began to become blurry. This was not about to reduce the impact that new wave had as compared to other genres. In the 1990s, new wave began to realize a new level of resurgence after new artists arose who preferred to sing through the use of new wave.

It is said that the term new wave was used by Charles Shaar Murray when he commented about the Boomtown rats. It is also believed that new was the genre that replaced punk. In spite of this developments, new wave and punk were terms that were used in place of each other and no one ever thought that the world of music would survive without the two genres.

John Foxx observed that New York Dolls were the main galvanizers of the scene since they arrived. He further asserts that they proved that galvanizing the musical scene was a possible occurrence since they erased every person who was deemed to be desperate.

[John Foxx]

In the year 1976, a music historian named Vernon Joynson observed that many bands dissociated themselves from punk as new wave genre was entering the scene. From that time onwards, any music that was deemed to be following the garage band, it was named punk while the music that seemed to be largely complex, experimental, and polished in production was named new wave music. Hilly Kristal who owned CBGB is believed to have pioneered new wave in the Television band. Moreover, any other artist who was earlier termed as punk was now being referred to as a new wave artist.

New wave has since gone under intense evolution and it is believed that this will go on. The current generation seems to love rock music but new wave genre is not utterly dead.